Can you believe all this RAIN?!

Last night I was awakened by pitter patter sound of rain...
well, that and the pitter patter sound of feet wandering around through the house.
(we have some sleep-walking issues.)
But last night it was raindrops.
I laid there awake and quietly listening...
I wasn't going to say it...I wasn't....
And then Dean said "go ahead and say it..."
So I exclaimed. "Can you believe all this rain?!"
I have been saying that phrase at least once a day for the past month.
My family makes fun of me.
But I can't help it.
As I type this post it is raining...and thundering outside.
Don't believe me? well, hold on a minute...
I'll prove it...

(Thanks Kal and Quin, you can go back to destroying the house now)

it rained yesterday,
it rained Sunday,
it has rained almost every day this month.
"Thanks Captain Obvious" you say; 
But for some reason I have been fixated on the weather.

These next series of pictures were taken as the storms rolled through,
 all taken on separate days.
It rained on the Easter Egg Hunt.
                               It rained at Lagoon Day, (poor babies)
It rained on little miss Sunshine herself at her first grade field trip.
And don't even get me started on how many of Wade's games have been cancelled. 
                        I am not complaining...just observing.

River and Skip were halfway to Grandma Roberts when the lightening started and River turned on her heels and ran for home. (hurry missy!)
When the kids miss the bus...which, who are we kidding - it's a daily occurrence lately.
(that extra fourteen minutes of sleep is so worth it)
Anyway, on our way to school we always check out the ever rising Spanish Fork River.

Yikes, huh!              And just look at all that snow pack still!

As we all know,...what is up...must come down. 

Last Sunday, Dean and I took the kids up the canyon for a "Mr. Rogers teaching moment."
River wanted to see where the river started.

When we pulled up I was like..."Ok, kids go and play...mama needs her nap"
And then I peeked up from my reclined seat and saw the torrential river lapping up over the bank and I yelled for everyone to circle back and demanded that everyone under sixteen had to hold my hand.
The water was so high and swift, it was terrifying.

The kids just love to see my reaction as they pretend to jump in etc.
Either that, or they just like the shrill sound of my voice
 when I threaten them with their lives.  
My kids like to mock warnings, rules, and authority.
I wonder where they get that from?

 Right about here is when the kids yelled "Mom, there's a snake by your foot!"
As I jumped up and came down wrong on my ankle, I contemplated throwing them in the river myself.

Dean insisted that he needed to climb this very old, fallen tree over hanging a mean, fast moving river just to see if it was safe.

Monkey's see...Monkey's do.

Oh boy, here we go again.
Lauren always tries to get the best of Dean.
This time, she was trying to get him wet or at least muddy.

She tried, bless her heart.
But it was just a matter of time before Lauren got wet.(just a little)
She'll never learn.

This is the river one year ago on the hot 24th of July.
Now here is the same spot just last Sunday.
As you can see, the beach is completely under water now.
Darn, I was hoping to recover my sunglasses
that I left right under Lauren's left foot last Summer.
This is me walking away from Brett and Lauren, who were on the other side of the bridge engaged in "fake" pushing each other in the water,
and "fake" throwing each other's iPods in the water,
and "fake" making threats of bodily harm if they did such.
It wasn't "fake"annoying at all.
See these three kids in this picture with me? They are my favorite children,
I'm just going to go ahead and throw that out there.

We cautiously played around by the river a bit
 and hey look! they even put up signs for my kids!
How did they know my kids were playing?
And just as we got back to the car, of course, it started to rain again.
So we did what we usually do...lock Brett out of the car and drive away.

wait... hold the phone.
as I type this post,
I think I hear what sounds like birds chirping outside, and I think I see blue skies.
Stay right there, let me check...I'll be right back.

Shiver Me Timbers! Blue skies and sunshine!

I am a miracle worker! 
Wow, all I have to do is just blog about a problem and ...ta dah, problem goes away!

I guess my next blog will be titled "Can you believe all this Laundry?"


Ali said…
This started my morning out right. You crack me up every time.
heidi k said…
Oh! You have made me so homesick for my favorite spot on earth!! I love that little town! Not only do I get to see pictures of home, I get a guaranteed laugh. When you write a book someday(you should seriously think about it. Your writing is that good) I want an autographed copy!
heidi k said…
The last comment was by Heidi Hegerhorst Kemp. Thought you probably wouldn't know me as Heidi K.
carrie said…
Love it. I'm totally cracking! Your family is so fun! We are getting tons of rain too. I love it. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the header.

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