my son surprises me.

For weeks I have been on Brett's case about his lack of interest in his English class.
His assignments were turned in with messy handwriting, poor punctuation and grammar.

"Hey, don't take that tone with me mister."

You see, both of Brett's Grandmothers taught English to punks just like him,
so English aptitude runs in the family and should come naturally to Brett. Brett

It definitely didn't come naturally to Dean and me...

Oh, sorry Mom,
            I meant... it didn't come naturally to 'Dean or I.'

English aptitude must skip a generation, right?

So I thought all of my lecturing had fallen on deaf ears.
But sometimes my son surprises me.

The other day Brett read this book; 

And wrote a poem about it for his English class.
Apparently there is an old myth that after a Crocodile attacks his victims...he'll cry.
Hence the phrase "Crocodile Tears."

Crocodile Tears
By Brett Roberts

Don’t look the beast in the eyes.
Don’t be tricked by its disguise.
The creature that floats the Bayou.
The creature with the mystic Voodoo.

It will use its emotion to beckon you forward,
It will use incognito to catch you off guard.
Crocodile Tears are like the Siren’s Song,
The moment you realize your reality is wrong.

With just one snap the Croc has won.
It’s a matter of seconds,
before you’re over and done.

As the water settles and so do you,
The beast will do something out-of-the-blue.

One singular Crocodile Tear he’ll shed,
May you rest in peace in your underwater bed.

Brett told me that his teacher wanted to enter his poem in a contest.

And I was like...'oh honey, I'm sure he was just saying that.'

But apparently not; the teacher went on and on about how Brett is an ideal student and how talented, smart and creative Brett is.
I was like...
                            Wha?        huh?     you mean my son?     but what about...?  
                 ...oh yeah sure, I knew that all along.

Isn't it funny that sometimes we have to hear good things from other people about our kids
 before we can see it for ourselves.

Thank goodness for 'other people,'
'cause right now all I can see is that my son eating a meatball sub and chips in the living room,
 left a mess in the kitchen, and still hasn't taken the garbage out.

Come on Brett....surprise me again.       I dare ya.


Corinner-Elly said…
It actually is 'Dean and me' or 'Dean or me'.

You're not so grammatically challenged as you might have thought. :)
Roberts said…
Your children never surprise me. I did not know that your Mom was an english teacher.

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