If "PROUD" were PEOPLE...I'd be NEW YORK.

That was fun...Lets try a few more.

If PROUD were "long lines"...I'd be Disneyland. 
If PROUD were "temptation"...I'd be that Creme Brulee in my fridge.
If PROUD were "plum crazy"...I'd be Charlie Sheen.

When I started this post two weeks ago, I was overflowing with pride.
Since then my enthusiasm has faded a little, and I thought,
 "meh, I guess my kids aren't that great."
but I'll go ahead and post this anyway.

River was asked to be a "Little Miss" in the Miss Spanish Fork Contest.
    After accepting the nomination from the beautiful Melynn Elliott,
                 River was on high-alert DIVA status for the month leading up to the big day.

She wanted her nails done, her makeup done, her jewelry and shoes new.

She expected to be walking the red-carpet and was auditioning dress designers.

We finally found a sweet, simple little dress and shoes.
 She even looked the part of a "Little Miss (smartie pants)" don't you think?

As we arrived at the auditorium, I insisted that River take off her coat.
As you can see it had just snowed,
but I really wanted a few cute pictures of her walking in without a coat on.
She wasn't happy.

This was right before the "Naomi Campbell meltdown."

But once inside it was all River.
Just kidding, it was all Melynn...but River did fine too.

(oh man, who is that annoying lady yelling unintelligibly in the video?)

Sadly, the judges didn't see what the rest of us in the audience saw,
and awarded the crown to someone else.
Crazy huh.
(consolation kiss)

However both Melynn and River made me equally proud. 
How proud you ask?
I was so proud...
If PROUD were "annoying"...I'd be Mario Lopez' dimples.

Backing up to earlier that day;
Brett's basketball team played for the city championship.

  Coach Brown and the boys gave us an 'edge of your seat, buzzer beater' game.

At one point during a pivotal moment in the fourth quarter, Brett pulled out his signature move and stole the ball from the boys in blue and made a quick lay up.
His Grandpa would've been so proud.

How proud you ask?

If PROUD were "a narcissistic electronic device" ...He'd be the iPad 2.

And then, just to top off our great weekend;
Our whole family was asked to speak in church.  
And we did! And nobody had mismatched shoes or the last minute jitters. 
I know...a miracle, huh.

(here are Kal and Quincy practicing their talks)
Video coming soon. 

I wish there was something noteworthy that these three did that I could write about;
 but nope, I've got nothin.
Only kidding Lauren and Wade. You make me proud by just being mediocre. 

How proud you ask? 
If PROUD were "an easily excitable housewife"...I'd be me.

And last, but not least.
Since my family already thinks I have turned in to my mother;
I'll act like a proud parent and talk about my brother Will.

Willers (as I'm sure he likes to be called) just graduated from Basic Combat Training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and now is off to Ft. Benning in Georgia to start Officers Candidate School
for another fifteen weeks or longer.

I can hardly believe that my little brother is a Soldier.

My little brother is also a daddy to a crazy little girl who misses him.

The other day in the store, River said to the lady behind us...
"guess what? my Uncle Will is a soldier."
We all are so proud of Will. 
When I think of Will's ambitions and bravery and commitment it makes me proud.
But the thing that makes me so proud that I get a lump in my throat, is when I think of Will's wife Kimmy and baby girl Lily. They have been and continue to be so supportive of him.  

Hooah WILL!

Speaking of being proud;
props to Jimmer Fredette for representing lil 'ol BYU in the national spotlight.

It makes lil 'ol me...(the biggest fair weathered fan ever)...
jump right on the "Jimmer band wagon."

If PROUD were "cheesy catch phrases"...I'd be Jimmered!

So dear reader, tell me; How proud are you?


The Aspirant said…
What a wonderful post. Thanks for the shout out (I love being mentioned) and congrats to all my beautiful nieces and nephews. Looking forward to seeing you in about a month!
Leslie said…
to precious hil. lovely as usual.
Ang said…
What you of course failed to mention is that your sacrament meeting was AMAZING! My husband was sad he was out of town. My kids listened with an intensity they just never seem to have in church. Jav laughed so hard out loud at Wade's talk that I fear he took some of the audience away from the speaker. Every single family member was born to speak in public. You made me cry with the story of your grandpa in Wyoming and I had no husband there to hide behind, just a blubbering pregnant woman sitting by herself with 4 worried boys wondering what was wrong with mom. That's a little rude don't you think? Props to your whole family Hil, they are all wonderful, lead by wonderful parents.

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