Utah has the greatest snow on earth, right?

However, when Katie Couric opened her nightly news with talk of "Snowmageddon" back East,
I was frankly a little jealous.
It was as if Washington DC and Chicago were the popular, hip, cool kids on the weather map, and Utah had become the annoying little freshman and people said "utah who?"
Sure, New Hampshire might have it's "Snowpocalypse"...
But here in Utah our snow storms are so big we have;

And it's epic.
Last night a blizzard came roaring through,
winds howling, temperatures dropping, lights flickering off etc.

And this morning, we've got nothing but a light dusting of snow. 

It's like false labor all over again.

In my life, there are just a few mega snowstorms that stand out in my memory.

There was that one in 1984 that my mom still talks about.
She walked to our elementary school to pick us up.
(I guess the Station Wagon was in the shop.)
And then there was the snow storm of 1996. Dean brought home a bawling, brand new calf for me to bottle feed in our backroom. Yes, I remember that year. (shudder)
13.5 inches in 24 hours..I looked it up.

And sadly, it looks like there is just going to be one snowstorm this year that's worth remembering - it happened on the last day of school before Christmas break.

We woke up to a phone call from a kind neighbor telling us that the buses were not coming
and advising to just stay home and sleep in. 

And because Lauren had a test that she had studied for -
 And because Brett had a clever, white elephant gift for his teacher
 that he was sure would earn him an A...

...they talked me into driving them to school.

                                                         Still dark outside...still coming down...

See Lauren hiding a snowball in her hand?
Just as she giggled and raised her arm to throw it at me...
I gave her my "you don't want to mess with me this morning" look.
And she dropped it.
I use that look often, Dean is very familiar with it.

We picked up a few neighbor kids on the way. 
Lauren had to sit in the back by a ....
 ...a BOY

oh the horror!

 We settled in for a 45 minute drive to the school -
just five miles away
I entertained the youngsters with stories of my glory days at the Junior High.
They were riveted.  

We arrived at the school just in time to be met by the principal in the parking lot telling us that the district had closed all schools until the new year. YAHOO!

                  It's all over folks! Incredible! For the first time in this kid's young life...
                                              A SNOW DAY! 

Brett said cooly, "Now can we go back to bed?"

Have you seen this?
I want at least one more of these. And then I promise that will be enough.


michelliebean said…
Awesome pics and that is the COOLEST video!
Leslie said…
you are so too funny. i am moving to florida. loved the story, the pics and the video.
Roberts said…
Your crazy I am such a chicken when it comes to driving in the snow. Maybe it comes from my youth and trying to drive a rear wheel drive mustang in the snow and constantly sliding off the road.

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