Be My Valentine -

Even though we are such good friends, I still do not feel comfortable enough to disclose how much time I waste spend on this blog, on other people's blogs, editing my pictures, looking for mothering inspiration and creative knock-offs, and just wasting away on the computer in general.
It's bad.
I love to browse  Hulu,  Design Mom,  Nicole Hill,  Vimeo, V & Co.
and of course Picnik...don't you?
Just recently I upgraded to Picnik Premium.

It's really bad. And by bad, I mean good.
And with a quick roll of the eyes my teenager informs me no one says "bad" anymore...
now they say "sick."

Yo' Picnik is sick y'all!

If you are like me and love taking pictures, and looking at will love Picnik.
Free to join. No need to upgrade to Premium, the regular Picnik is pretty good too.

I have purposely stayed away from Photoshop for the very reason that I hear it is so time consuming and addicting.
Also, my brother patted me on the head and told me that it was way too complicated for me. (meanwhile he is handmaking saddles, and procuring his art for a local show. Thanks Jared.

Picnik is simple enough for my simple mind.

It has ensnared me as I slip even deeper into the virtual abyss while World War III (aka: my children) wage destruction all around me.

But hey, look what I can do now...!

Here is the Valentine SUBWAY ART that I personalized for Dean and I.
(If you want me to personalize one for you...just e-mail me or facebook me your stats.)

This Valentine Subway Art  BELOW can be yours for....FREE!
(I omitted our names and marriage date)
The actual print is a deeper shade of red than the image below. (see the framed pix)
Just double click on the image below.
Right click and copy and save to your desktop, or your photo gallery.
Then you can print it out at home, or send to Walgreens or Costco.
I chose the 5x7 but, I think a 8x10 would look great too.

Thanks for your readership, your sweetness, your love, devotion and affection. 
I heart you...
be mine.
ur gr8!

longer letter later.
true love always.


Heather said…
I love, love, love this! I saw those cute felt balls and think they are perfect for Valentines. Glad you got around to making them because I didn't. Also love the subway art, this is by far the cutest out there. Can I get one that says, "Kevin & Heather: suppressing the urge to strangle one another since November 2003" Just kidding, that would be to wordy...
seveNeves said…

I'm sorry I offended you. I know you're smart enough to figure it out. I didn't mean too complicated for you, I just meant in general. Nice post by the way
carrie said…
2cool 2b 4gotten. Yeah, love Picnik. So, is the premium worth it??? That is what I want to know. I am a photo junky as well. And blog junky. Too much time? Ha, yeah probably. Um, yeah. I hardly ever watch TV/movies so that is my justification for spending more time in front of this screen. Very cute subway art. And I love your header!

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