My life on 1-1-11

happy NEW YEAR to all.
numero uno  - numero uno.

A very cool day.

The coolest thing about today is that I started out the New Year by chatting online with babes.

Just kidding, chatting online with my African parents.

We also hosted a little Roberts Rockin Eve party.
We are so hip and happenin.

The most beautiful thing about today is this;

Blue, blue skies....but so, so cold.

How cold is it you ask?
Well, it's so cold....when I opened the door to take out the didn't want to go.
It's so eyes froze shut when I blinked.
It's so cold...our refrigerator is redundant.

It's that cold!

The hottest...well, spiciest thing about today is;
Our annual Hal Roberts family THAI FOOD New Years Day dinner.
Also, Dean is very "hot" when he is eating spicy food.

The food was glorious, the conversation..stiimulating.

But, the very best thing about the party was that the invite read "don't bring anything, just come" those five words brought a tear to my eye.

The wierdest thing about today is;

The ever rising, mutating plate of Rhodes dough that we forgot on the counter last night.
It's funny, it sat here all day getting bigger and bigger, and bigger.
No one even bothered to poke it, until two seconds before I took this picture.

The most annoying thing about today is;
The ever-increasing list of resolutions that I need to make.
That does not deserve a picture.

The second most annoying thing about today is;
The kids wanted to play outside.

They also wanted hot chocolate.

They also came in about 15 minutes later.

The most exciting thing today is;
(besides Oprah launching her new network, of course)

New carpet for my livingroom!

it arrived this morning at 7:30 am !!
Who installs carpet that early on New Years morning??

I opened the door, straight from a dead sleep; with my crazy hair and puffy eyes and pillow marks on my face...I frightened the poor carpet guys right off the porch.
Dean was like...uh, yeah..tell me about it.

The second best thing about today is;
the date
This magical date in history holds mystical and spiritual powers.

The funnest thing about today is;

A final visit from our 'house elf" Blinki.
Blinki comes by on New Years morning and leaves candy in our lined up shoes.
A New Years Day tradition from my own childhood.

Dean shudders at the thought of us all eating candy out of dirty, stinky shoes. But it's wrapped candy, so he should be fine. Shoes and feet in general kind of creep him out...human kryptonite.

The most dreaded part of my day today is the thought of

9:00 am church, starting tomorrow.

lets let that thought sink in for a moment.....

9:00 am church

Everyone is going to bed tonight at 6:30 pm.

I have a feeling ponytails and buns will be the hairstyle of the year this year.
Nothing makes me feel more hypocritical than a tear-filled, grumpy Sunday morning.
Especially when the opening hymn at church is
"There is sunshine in my soul."


Saffron Grass said…
Pony tails and Buns? Pony Tails and Buns? How about combed? OK I kid.
Nick and Amera said…
Hilary, you are the BEST blogger ever! I LOOOOOVE This blog of yours!!! I am tempted to 'adopt' your candy in shoe idea.... and use that idea for my kids?? can I?? you are so good at expressing yourself about how much you love yoru family! I kept laughing and laughing!!!! I love how you crossed out the word burdens hahahahhahahaha you are my kind of woman! Looove you to pieces, you are such a great example to me as a mom...I want to be just like you. I hope my kids think im cool when they grow up--cause right now, im out of luck so far with McCoy :( tell me, how do you do it? your kids adore you! Love your guts!!!
Hilary, Could I pay you to update my blog? I don't know how you do it!! I guess if I quit reading yours I could update my own but your life is much more interesting! Miss you and your fam and can't wait to hopefully see you this summer if we have enough $ to fly us all home(:

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