My boys were full of themselves today.
They all spent twenty precious minutes in the bathroom this morning,

"combing their hair"

I knew they were almost finished when I heard the hairspray.
They just kept spraying and spraying and spraying

Finally all four boys came out with their hair combed the same way.

It's a brother thing.

Now there is the afro...there's the bowl cut...there's the mohawk, the buzzcut,
the mullet, the side spike, the beatlecut, the flat top, the perm
and what ever Bon Jovi's hair was called in the day.   

And now in the year 2011
my boys are sporting the newest fad in hair expression.

Its the
"comb up, sideways, then over"

Which may or may not include the use of a blow dryer.

                             Kal trying to wink at me. Hey baby.
this kid obviously sees no need for a shirt.

                     Wade has perfected the horizontal comb.
Hey, even his tongue is horizontal.  

Canyon's "do" is all his own.
No effort at all. Eat your heart out.
                              (Ah man, I just noticed his chubby little wrist. That right there is funny)

And Brett in one word...hairtastic.

Although he did tell me that his "coolness factor" goes down quite a bit when his mom takes pictures of him and then blogs about it.

Who is the mastermind of all this coolness?

One kid is to blame.

They all want the "Bieber"

Do you think someday they are all going to regret it?

I guess it could be worse.

word to your mutha.


Leslie said…
Who is that guy in the star spangled leather jacket. Cooooolness!! I think you should give Bret the same updoo and let him start a new fad in his coooolness!! Don't forget the eyebrow.
Laraine H. said…
Your boys are full of coolness! I love it. You have to admit, it's much cooler than big bangs
Charlyn said…
Seriously made me laugh so hard. Rockin' with vanilla ice baby! At least I think that's who that is. I hear to get the Bieber (sp?) look you need to use a flat iron.
Dan the Man said…
Ahh. Vanilla Ice. Way to be old school hil. The Beib (and Brett) could only dream of being as cool as Ice Ice Baby. I mean, does Justin B. have any songs called "Ninja Rap"? I didn't think so.
Randi said…
hee-hee. Who knew boys were so high maintenance. No me, until I had two pre-pre-teens. Heaven help us!

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