Life as we know it.

With the birth of my new nephew just last week, 
I have been thinking of how quickly life (as you know it) changes.

One minute your worn out, anxious, exhausted body literally can't take another second of being pregnant;

the next minute you are here... (yep, life as you know it is over)

                                                                (*This is my new nephew Cash, isn't he Heavenly?)

The reality of life is this;

About eight minutes later, you are here...

                                                      (This is my Kal when he was a sweet, curious, loveable one year old.)

And a blink of an eye after are here...

                                                             (My Wade, fists ready, on his first day of pre-school. )

And (just a warning) about thirty seconds after are here...

                                (This is my Brett as a tormenting...impossible, big, bad fifteen year old.)

Yes, my little baby boy who I was so fond of as I would hold him on the flat of my forearm, is now bigger than me, quicker and cooler than me and I now find myself telling him to stop acting like a child.

So he acts like a teenager instead.

And when he does...

Dean and I scratch our heads (Dean scratches his own..I scratch mine)

And we say...Life as we know it is over.

And then there is this little guy...

Dean walks in the door everyday from work,
and demands to know what I have done all day.

(Just kidding).

Some days all I have to do is point to my little garbage disposal on the floor and whimper a little, then Dean gives me a sympathetic look as he runs out to buy me flowers.

Canyon is now crawling.  Everywhere.

I get nothing done.

...behind the couch, trapped under my computer desk, tipping over the garbage can,
into the bathroom, dangling himself dangerously close to the stairs and eating anything in his path.

His crawl is more of an "Army crawl" gathering items under his belly as he goes.

When Canyon discovers something -

he stops...(thrilled with his find)

 ingests...then moves on.

Life as we know it is over. 

It doesn't help that Quincy (Canyon's partner in crime) thinks everything is her baby,
and every baby has a name,
and every baby needs a blanket (wipes),
and every baby deserves a place in the living room.

The problem seems to be; that with seven kids...there is no "life" as we know it.
That might be either really beautiful, or really pathetic.

I have posted this video before. It's worth re-posting.
Canyon loves to watch it, I think for inspiration.


Platt Lucky 7 said…
First of all...THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my blog. Let's make your dream come true (that was funny by the way). How do you come up with this stuff? I am totally relating to everything you post. I think I am going to put it all in my journal (since I have no time for that) and change the names. Keep 'em comin' girl!! Let's make that date :)
The Aspirant said…
Can't believe Canyon is crawling. Isn't he a brand new baby? Wow, time is going by fast.

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