The "I do's"

Two of my nephews were married this summer.
 wait, that didn't sound right...
Two of my nephews were each married this summer. 

Before you view the following picture, please keep in mind the year was 1994.
My wedding day.
The boys circled in yellow are my nephews that got married this summer
Ben (in the glasses) and Greg.  
Ok now move on...scroll down, scroll down!

And here they are just recently on their respective wedding days. 

( Ben and Charlee)                                                                               (Greg and Lauren) 

Weddings are one of those magical days for all those involved-
 I imagine especially for the parents of the bride and groom. 

I was a bit obsessed with these wedding days.
Lauren and Greg's wedding was mid-morning on a Thursday - a perfect time.
While waiting for the obligatory family pictures,
Dean's sweet sister Karen put baby Canyon to sleep. 
She mentioned how old we all would be twenty-five years from now
when Canyon gets married.
It was quite depressing. I thought about it all day.

On a happier note-
Every detail of the wedding was very unique and so darling.
Just what I would've wanted at my own wedding. 

 Lauren's colors were yellow and gray.
I decided if I were to get married all over again,
I would definitely do the yellow and gray theme.  
I think my colors were sage green and rose. classsic I know. 

The warm end-of-July weather was perfect.
We all just lingered around talking and eating,
listening to the band and watching the kids play.
If I were to do it all over again I would insist on an outdoor wedding.

Quincy loved the live Doves.
I thought the love birds were a nice touch as well.

I usually give in to peer pressure every time and do my
"chocolate on my teeth" trick.
Such a crowd pleaser.

The Father-of-the Groom Stephen and his daughter Taryn pose for a picture.
Steve is smiling.
He must be thinking... two down - two to go.

                                     So, it was an amazing day spent with amazing people.

The newleyweds sped off  in a vintage Mustang convertible
under a bridge of sparklers.
If I were getting married all over again -I would want sparklers at my wedding. 

Then just two weeks later,
 (on Friday the thirteenth of all days) Ben and Charlee tied the knot.
                   The wedding breakfast was before the wedding- again...brilliant!
                                           Why didn't I think of that?
Ben played the piano while his brothers sang to Charlee at the Wedding breakfast.
Look out Jonas Brothers, Here come the Roberts Brothers!

After the wedding ceremony,
a reception was held at an amazing ranch in the South Fork of Provo Canyon.

Charlee's colors were various shades of purple with Gold accents
A perfect color scheme for an August wedding. So elegant.

The Ranch was incredible -
with lush green lawns, a little duck pond, a gazebo etc.  

The beautiful bride was relaxed and happy
 mingling around with friends and adoring little cousins.

At one point I saw the Bride and Groom wander off together.
Then the newleyweds emerged a few minutes later
 in their "decorated" car and drove off into the sunset. 
Their honeymoon was a mediterranean cruise.  seriously.  

                  I walked around making mental notes all day.
I figured out later that there are
three good reasons
why I was so intrigued with all these weddings.

here they are...

As the parents of three future brides;
 Dean and I know that the day soon will come when we
will have to hand over our little girls.

Dean gets teary just to think about it,

He says it's mostly because of the money he'll have to fork over.
I know that's not the real reason.

Right now they are all daddy's girls.
He is the main man in their lives. Someday that will change.

As my girls danced with their dad, the lyrics to Tim McGraw's song repeated in my mind...

"Go on, take on this whole world-
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl"

When River saw Ben and Charlee dancing,
 she walked over to Dean and said "may I have this dance sir?..." 
Then Quincy wanted to dance, every little girl wants to dance with her dad.

Yes, even if you are a teenager...
Lauren was pulling out moves I've never seen before.
Although seeing how happy both of these new couples were,
it makes the inevitable seem exciting. 

I was caught up in the moment,

 I looked around for one of my sons to dance with...
Brett just happened to be the only one sitting close by.

poor kid.

I begged him to dance with me.
I might have even bribed him.

We were both being really silly.
I jokingly said...
"Brett, you will always be my little boy won't you?
...You won't leave me all alone just because 
some pretty girl comes along and falls in love with you, will you?..."

Brett looked at me with chocloate on my teeth,...again...
gave a deep sigh and said;

"Don't worry mom,
I have a feeling that's not going to be a problem..."


Saffron Grass said…
I am crying. And laughing at the last picture. And that was a good one Hil. You are brilliant. We know that ranch in Provo, the Conrads are friends of ours. That's where I want Indy to have her reception, it's so beautiful.
Leslie said…
Hil, Luuuuuv your blog. Do I say that everytime I comment? Its okay cause its not very often. You and your cute fam make me love life even more. Thanks
Elise said…
You are awesome!

And I love that picture you captured of Violet. I'm stealing it :).
Katie said…
Hill.... your blog is the only good read I ever get anymore! Seriously! Big fan of the Roberts Report. You are still my idol! xoxox
carrie said…
Is that Elise's Dan the front, second from the left?
Love the dancing pictures. Oh, and the teeth - classic!

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