He said / She said

Just recently Dean and I were outside working on a project together;
 I was holding a board for him while he, held his tongue (or tired to at least).

It had been a while since I had heard ear-piercing screaming and crying...
so naturally I went looking for Quincy and Kal. -

I found them just up the road, stuck.

They were heading to Grandma's house by way of the 2010 Jeep, Princess Edition.

When I arrived on scene with camera of course,
Quincy had already started in on Kal for his wreckless driving.

Kal mentioned that he wouldn't have run off the road...
 if she had been better at giving him directions;

   Quincy was indignant claiming that he never listens to her,
     or cares for her feelings.

  Kal said he feels he can never do anything right;
   Quincy said she just doesn't ever feel appreciated...

  Kal said he just wished she would stop nagging him all the time,
Quincy said she wished he would help out more around the house...

        blah, blah, blah...   on and on it went -
        sadly, it sounded all too familiar to me.
At least they lived Happily Ever After,

or just until they pulled into the driveway.


Sorensen's said…
Typical husband and wife conversation! Loved it!

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