Life with Canyon is ...GRAND!
                                                                              get it...?

                     I'm pretty sure that a small field mouse has burrowed under Canyon's chin

We are having a lot of fun with our three month old.

Each morning Canyon wakes up around 6:00 and smiles..coo's..kicks
and generally tries to seduce me awake.

Without opening my eyes I try to give him his binky
suggesting to him that it isn't time to play.
He then snorts and kicks and spits out the binky and then starts to whimper.

Finally I give in and pull him close to me.
Canyon settles in for what is usually his second or third breakfast.
Who can resist snuggling a half naked baby?

Like a new little puppy, 
Canyon patiently just sits there and lets Quincy maul him as she tries to "take care" of him.

A more good natured baby you will never find...

Even his cry is cute and mellow.

There is one annoyance though......
                                                           two in diapers.

                                   What was I thinking?


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