Thanks a lot Mother Nature...

You forced my hand.

 Normally I am not the...
      "sure my darling kids, go outside and play in the mud..." kind of mom -

But after a whole rainy Saturday afternoon of... "Mom, can we play on the computer?"
"Mom, can we have another Otter Pop?"
"Mom, can we make some hot chocolate?"
"Mom, can we make a fort in the car?"
"Mom, can we use your sewing machine?"
"Mom, can we go swimming in the bathtub?"
"Mom, can we make real life homemade ice cream? Wade knows how.."
"Mom, can I hang out with this girl I met at Seven Peaks?"
"Mom, can we get out ALL the toys and dump them in a pile?"
so when I heard the phrase "Mom can we go jump in the puddles?"
I said..."SOLD!"

What could it hurt I thought?

I'll just do a few more loads of laundry-

Everyone who knows me knows that dirty stinking piled up laundry is my nemesis.

By Saturday morning I almost had it conquered too.

I need to learn to relax and give in once in a while.

As I walked outside to take pictures the kids immediately started apologizing...
even though they had permission to get filthy.

I don't want to sound like I think I am all that.

I'm not even some of that.

If I was a real fantastic motherly creature I would've joined them.

Today the kids were so drunk on their own freedom they were charting new territory.
"Mom, can we play in the irrigation canal?"    "Mom, can we give you a makeover?"
                                                "Mom can I hang out with this girl I met at Seven Peaks?"


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