A family's blessing

It's a strange thing-
In LDS culture we prepare for the blessing of a new baby
by pretending that things are back to normal...
gathering all inner strength to;
 buy or make a new outfit for the baby...
find a Sunday outfit for the new mom... 
(department store mirrors aren't kind) 
find a white blanket and white booties...
have the whole family looking pitch perfect and to church on time 
set up tables and chairs...
making food assignments,
 invite and feed seventy people...

all this for a sleeping little baby boy who couldn't care less.    

Brett requested that he be the one to get Canyon all ready before church.
It was quite humorous to watch Brett maneuver
our our little porkchop into his tiny tuxedo.

(my mother-in-law made this blessing outfit for Brett fourteen years ago.
All my boys have wore it on their blessing days)

Brett dressed Canyon head to toe but somehow didn't position the diaper over the important parts, and as a result the baby soaked through his clothes just as we were about to bless him. There was nothing to do.
We just went ahead and blessed the wet little feller.  

Dean blessed him; "Canyon Soggy Pants Roberts" (Just kidding)

The official name is - "Canyon Jett Roberts" -

My handsome boys.
I'm pretty sure two out of the five of them aren't wearing socks.
 And I found out later that one certain four year old wasn't wearing underwear. 

I look happy don't I.              Well, I was/am happy.
What you don't see is my eye that had started twitching.
I knew I felt obligated desired deeply to bear my testimony, but I was crazy nervous.
I think that was why my eye was twitching.
 After the blessing at our church; our family and friends gathered together at my mother-in-laws for lunch.
A good time was had by all. Here Will and Sam (Neves and Roberts) were mixing it up.

You've never seen so much food come together within minutes and be dished out and devoured in minutes. (ok...unless you've been to a Tongan ward baptism)  

It was great. The young and...the younger sat at the same table
and talked about the weather, politics and Justin Bieber's new music video.   
I am always so touched that our family (both sides) are willing to come together to celebrate with us as we give our new baby a name and a blessing.
Either that or they are just too darn happy to get out of a church calling.

It was one of those wonderful "mental scrapbook" kinds of days.
The weather was just toasty warm enough to make a person feel
 lazy, silly and sociable.  (...yeah i don't know that means either)

Earlier in the day I mentioned that I felt blessed, 
however that doesn't quite describe my feelings.

 Rather, sometimes I feel completely unworthy of the life I have.  

          (and other times I stomp my feet and act like a big selfish baby....
depending on the day) -

   Last Sunday was a good day.
       Every bit of my heart was full.
Thanks to all our family and friends who made our day such a lovely one.
We missed the family members that were out of state or out of the country.
I have many more pictures of all of you,
but if you didn't sign the waiver then I can't post them (just kidding).
People see me with a camera and they hide for fear I am composing my next blog post.
 Ha! they know me too well.     



Jill said…
I laughed out loud when I read Canyon Soggypants Roberts. You are one funny read.
Nikki said…
So great. Sad we missed it!
Julie said…
Hillary, you have a wonderful gift... You write so beautifully! You can express things that we all feel. I'm serious...You should publish some of your blog pages. My girls and I follow your blog. And just one comment....Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for having a large family! They are such a wonderful blessing!

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