What a Girl Wants

                                    (A couple of years ago my one request was to have a good Mother's Day picture -
                                  these two pictures were the only decent ones after trying for about a half hour)
(Here the kids are pretending to be asleep.....yeah right, I wish!)

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day.

Yesterday I woke up repeating the Mother’s Day Serenity Prayer…

NOTE *best to read with extreme sarcasm*

“ I will have a grateful heart,
Actions don’t need to speak louder than words,
(just saying “Happy Mother’s Day“ thirteen times is gift enough)
It’s the thought that counts…
I will not have high expectations,
(or any expectations at all)
I will smile even through gritted teeth…”

(Repeat to yourself over and over as long as it takes till that smile shines on)

                                                                               (Mother's day gifts in the window)

I wonder what my problem is. I was not feeling the love yesterday on Mother's Day -
                    On Facebook and at church there were happy little mothers gushing about their lovely day.

I wondered what could be wrong with me.
Then I realized I don't think I am alone on this one.

My sister said all day yesterday she declared to her kids “hey, it’s Mother’s Day!”

A friend said she finally told her family NO to the angelic gesture of “breakfast-in-bed”
(she said she has always hated it more than a clogged sink.)

I heard a lady at the ballpark Saturday tell someone she buys herself her own corsage.

My sister-in-law said all she wanted for Mother’s Day was to be able to stay home alone and clean her house.

My requests were not nearly as noble or ambitious as that;

I am a bit more selfish.

I want my family to

talk sweet to each other all day

say with enthusiasm “Ok Mom” at my every request

clean out the junk drawer, the refrigerator or do a load of laundry
just pick something and clean it…you can’t go wrong.

realize that getting their baseball stuff out of the car is not really a “gift” for me

help with the incidentals around the house without me asking.
(changing the light bulb in the storage room that has been burned out for a year
 would just thrill me)

not say “just give us a list and we’ll go buy it”

not suggest that I need a nap, even though I usually do

do yard work…lots and lots of yard work

make something homemade for me, BUT put some effort in.
( “#1 MOM” written in pencil on a folded over piece of paper doesn’t quite make the scrapbook)

Keep in mind that Mom’s are full of tenderness on Mother’s Day. *handle with care.

See…I’m easy to please

I basically want my kids to be my servants and I want my husband to read my mind.

Is that too much to ask? It’s Mother’s Day for Heaven’s sakes!


The Wright's said…
I am totally there with you!!! I wanted to throw up at all of the nice comments on facebook about being a mom. My kids were HORRIBLE yesterday. Their dad has got them into a fishing on Sunday habit and I won't do it so in return the past 2 Sunday's have been HELL at my house because I won't give in. My 13 year old still won't talk to me today, which means when he decides to talk to me, I will ignore him. grrrrrrr I did get a nap in yesterday and all I heard was "you just sleep your life away".....grrrrrr I did a yard sale with my sister on Saturday and the money went to THEIR scooters to get fixed and then I went fishing with them. I deserve a nap!!! They kept saying it's Mother's Day and we can't even do anything with you but the only option of something fun was fishing. I hope that you are doing well with your new little guy, thanks for letting me rant on your blog since I can't write anything on my blog or my facebook or someone takes it right back to my ex.... grrrrr :) Happy Mother's Day Hil!!! You amaze me!!!
Elise said…
Ha ha! I loved this post! You are an awesome writer, Hil.

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