We Are a Happy Family

                      So...this is what we have been doing around here -

watching our little angel sleep....
he sleeps just like his Dad (mouth wide open) and they both snore.

* by the way - one of the pictures below is NOT of our new baby Canyon -
                                   can you spot which one?
River walks in the door from school and says...
"my room is clean and I hung my backpack up...if I wash my hands, can I hold the baby?"

Brett is whispering good hair mojo to baby Canyon

Quincy testing the baby's gag reflex -
                                                Kal likes to say..."hey buuud" and today just named the baby "Rocket" he also named Dean "Uncle Vern" and me "PillowStar"
Brotherhood bonding moment with Wade and Canyon. Wade seems to get out of chores and homework and trouble by flashing his "ah mom, forget about it" smile.

Doesn't this look heavenly? Dean rarely has a minute to hold the baby.
Lately Quincy has decided that she loves everyone but me.
Especially Dean. She runs to him the minute he gets home. He is worn out.

We took Canyon to Lauren's school today and he immediatly
 elevated her to semi-celebrity status. 
My fear of turning Lauren into a mini-mom is dismissed now that I see
 what the baby has done to her social life.

As for me...
I pray everyday that time will somehow slow down and I will be able to take it all in.
His smell, his little frog legs, his newborn baby cry,
                     his feather head, his little clutched fist, his lip quiver...
oh I could go on.

p.s. did you spot the imposter baby?


Jill said…
sweet post- i wish we could freeze frame some precious times in our lives and fast forward through others! these sweet babes get big tooo fast.
is the impostor baby with dean? just a guess- i think all of your kids are super beauties and you better get a nice shotgun for dean cause if the boys see that picture of lauren, you're gonna have trouble!
Roberts said…
I can't wait to see him and hold him. Steve flies out Sunday and we have been so busy since we got home with the kitchen and catching up. I know you will be busy with your parents leaving. So we will get down.
Roberts blog said…
yeah Jill - the baby pictured with Dean is actually Kal. I am surprised how much all my boys looked alike as babies. I couldn't find a good picture of Dean and Canyon. Except I did have some cute ones of Dean holding the baby as we were parked and watching a ball game. Someone would've called Family Services on me I'm sure. A picture of a two week old baby in the drivers seat makes a person uneasy.

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