Curves and Quincy

darn! I knew my body was meant for another decade.

Click on the picture above to read the details. You have to laugh...
( “How to gain welcome weight and keep it..”)    ha!

Now look at this picture.

Look at her waist.

This is of my great-great grandmother.

Her waist has to be the size of my lower calf.

I don't think I was ever her size.

I am much too curvy.

especially right now

Speaking of curvy...
This weekend I was taking pictures of Quincy in the swimming pool.

She has such a chubby body right now.

I love it. She makes me laugh.

You know...
there is only one time in a girl’s life when it’s socially acceptable for her to have;

cellulite dripping off her thighs and bottom,

a bulging belly,

a double, triple chin,

folds in her skin that never see the light of day,

dimples behind her elbows,

and her swimsuit hanging off one or both shoulders. be one year old again!

However, the next best thing to being a chubby uninhibited one year old is…

being a chubby uninhibited pregnant woman.

I have the same body issues and lack of coordination as my one year old.
It's just not as cute on me. 
And don't ask me where my toes are, cause I couldn't tell ya. 


OH HILLARY!!! If I ever need a good laugh I just look at your blog(: You seriously need to write a book. I would be the first one to buy it!
Randi said…
Don't start with me! you are NOT chubby! You are pregnant and THIN everywhere else! I AM CHUBBY! And I often think about how the only time it's "cute" to be chubby is when you're a baby-I am far past that boat.
Charlyn said…
Love it! If I looked as good as you pregnant I'd have a dozen babies. Love that little Quincy. So juicy!!
Platt Lucky 7 said…
Your babe is so adorable. You look GREAT!

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