A girl's first love

Valentine's Day is all about love and romance right? Not around here.
Around here Valentine's Day is all about school parties, and Valentine boxes.
I truly admire those moms who let their children make their own boxes and Valentines.
One day I am going to give up creative control to my kids...one day.

Whenever February 14th rolls around I am reminded of a special Valentine's Day about seven years ago.

It was a Saturday morning and I was busy cooking and exercising.
Just kidding, I was sleeping in as usual.

It was a tradition every Saturday morning for Dean to go out early to help his Dad
with the chores and then to his parents house for breakfast and conversation.
 Letting me sleep in.
But Dean came back home earlier than normal that day
     and excitedly announced from the back room
              that he had a special Valentines present for his favorite girl.
I was naturally excited and ready for my well-deserved gift

then Dean bent down to Lauren (five years old at the time) and said ...
"guess what...Daddy bought you a pony!"

I was a little taken aback, but still happy.

We all loaded in the truck and drove to a little farm down the street
where Lauren's new little pony was waiting.

It was love at first sight. Truly.

Lauren named the pony "Rudy" after the movie because he was also short and spunky.

Lauren and Rudy spoke the same language
 and Lauren took pleasure in the fact that she was the only person who could catch him.
                                      Through the years he was good to her and she to him.
Lauren would sing to him and curry comb him and not let anyone make fun of him.

Rudy was an old pony to begin with
and soon after we got him he started to hobble around as most Shetland ponies do.

          One gloomy November morning last year after the kids left for school,
I noticed out the back door that Rudy was lying down.
          I watched him for a little bit then decided to try to get him up.
I tried and tried, and he also tried to get up but couldn't.
He kept rocking back and forth in the dirt breathing heavily.
             He was a poor creature.     I called Dean to come home.

When Dean took a look at Rudy he said
                       "he needs to be put down, you better go get Lauren"

So I went to the school to check Lauren out.
She was so lively and bubbly - I hated to break the news to her,
but I knew she would want to say goodbye to her old friend.

Lauren stayed with Rudy for a while comforting him.
She curry combed the dirt out his mane and clipped a little hair for a keepsake.
She cried and thanked him for the good times they shared.

Most little girls have a first love.
a puppy...a kitty...a teen idol...a neighbor boy etc...

For Lauren's first love it will always be a tie between her Dad and her pony.
And that is just how it should be.


Leslie said…
I AM CRYING! That is precious.
Devin & Jordyn said…
I feel for lauren we had to put chika down a few years ago and I balled my eyes out.. Its not fun..
Dan the Man said…
What a sad sad story.
Allyson said…
oh those pics were torturous!

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