I am not frugal!

When we were freshman in college, my older sister Brooke and I were having a sit-down talk with our parents about the usual;
responsibility, personal finances
…blah, blah, blah.

My Dad could see that Brooke was getting sensitive, so he lovingly said…
”honey, I know you are being frugal…”

Brooke jumped up off the couch ready to walk out and dramatically shouted
Stunned, my Dad grinned a little then calmly said…
”Uh…I don’t think you know what that means Brookie.”
It was so funny. I still tease her about it.
Ever since then I have always loved the word “frugal.”

And it seems now all of a sudden it’s hip to be frugal.
Some of the most popular websites and blogs are dedicated to showing off their frugality.

Dean will argue otherwise, but I do love being thrifty.
Case in point…

Last month I was at DI looking for some new underwear and bed sheets (just kidding)…
I was looking for a rabbit cage for Lauren’s new rabbit.
While there I glanced down on the bottom shelf and saw a brand new stovetop all wrapped up still in the box with the protective plastic still around it.
The price tag said $30 dollars. Forget it, I thought.
Then I called Dean and he said, sure bring it home.
Needless to say it fit like a glove.
Dean and the boys lifted the old one out, and slid the new one in place practically during a commercial break.
For my own satisfaction, I looked up our model number on line, and found out the cooktop retails at Sears and Lowes for .. $799.00…SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY NINE DOLLARS!

Yeah, I slept well that night. My question is; who throws this stuff out?

THE BEFORE: the old 1970's monster that came with the the house, took ten minutes to boil water, had only one working burner, and years of caked on yumminess

THE AFTER: a clean, mean cooking machine


Roberts said...

I never find good deals at DI. You will love the cooktop, I will never go back to burners.

Charlyn said...

Nice score! It's all about being in the right place at the right time!

Cody and Tracie Bradford said...

Sweet! We need to go to lunch sometime:) I will call you.

Allyson said...

Cody hates the word navel. So we say it alot around him just to bug him. Its so funny! Sweet deal on the cooktop! I always get good deals at DI! My new house has a smooth top stove like that. We are finishing up the move tomorrow. I really dont wanna clean my appartment......

Saffron Grass said...

Hil, I don't know if If I should comment, while being so angry, but I don't think this is the same stove. I mean, pictures are at different angles, so whose really to say....


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