Christmas past and presents

I am writing this post early morning of Christmas Eve. There are so many important things to do and I realize that no one is reading my little blog. But blogging to me has become relaxing and somewhat satisfying.
So today I blog.
Last night I locked my bedroom door, took out all our accumulated gifts and sorted them into piles.
Brett, Lauren, Wade…etc.
I looked it over and tried not to panic.
Was it enough? Was it too much?
Are the kids going to be happy?
Could I have done more?
Then as I looked at all that brand new "stuff"
I wondered;
Which toys are likely going to be disregarded in a matter of days?
It happens…in every home, I think.
Toys and gifts that are bought with the highest expectations eventually end up at the bottom of the toy box.
Except for some.
This is my favorite toy ever purchased.
The little yellow boat

It was Christmas 1996.
Brett was just one year old. Dean and I took our only child to the University Mall in Orem to Christmas shop. While there, we went into ZCMI II?
Remember that place?
We were browsing around, and just letting Brett run amuck in the toy isle.
Brett found this little boat and immediately climbed in. He was in love...turning the wheel, spinning the knobs, rocking it furiously back and forth. It was quite a sight. Dean and I stood there just smiling and watching Brett with no intentions of buying the boat.
Then a lady who was also watching Brett's delight said...
”If you don’t buy that for him, I will.”
I probably should've taken her up on that since I remember that the $30 we spent was kind of a big deal at the time.

But we have loved this boat ever since.
It has survived six toddlers, and has taken quite a beating.
It has been played with outside, but never left outside.
This is an inside boat.
If a handcart pulls up tomorrow and makes me leave my home and all it‘s possessions…
the boat is going with me.
It’s my “Woody and Buzz”

So today, on this glorious day of celebration, preparation and contemplation-
I am trying to keep it all in perspective.

Kids are simple.
They are generally happy if you are happy for them. (unless they are teenagers)
Here is a picture of my little hooligans playing their favorite game of...
"lets go get all the blankets and pillows in the whole house and roll down the stairs until someone starts bleeding." If only I could wrap that up and put it under the tree.
All the best to you and yours.
Merry Christmas


Anonymous said…
Hi Hil- I just read this out loud to my family and they said "she should write a newspaper column" This is great! - Nikki -
daisy said…
I love your post!! There aren't very many "Buzz and Woody" moments out there anymore. We actually forgot to put some presents out... How pathetic are we. So to save ourselves - we actually pretended that we heard the doorbell ring.. Who could that have been?
How FUNNY!!! Christmas is always is a success if we spend the day together as a family.
Merry Christmas - lots of love to you all!
Saffron Grass said…
i read your blog all the time! Great post!- indy!
Saffron Grass said…
Hil, that Christmas card is awesome. Are you going to send it out? I'm very impressed. I remember that little boat too, Jake wanted it so bad. Merry Christmas, I'm sure you did good.
Nadene Roberts said…
I always read your blog just before I go to bed. I still watch and laugh about Nuttin for Christmas! Love, Mom R

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