Ocktoberfest '09

All month long has been non-stop Halloween parties, Halloween chili cook-off, decorations, school parties, carving pumpkins, costumes, and lots, lots more.
And I've loved it all.
Today is November 2nd - Today I can’t stand Halloween.
I’m putting it all away as fast as I can.
It will take another 11 months to bring the love back. It will come back.
October is always big for us.
Lauren’s birthday started out our month.

We had a “girl birthday party”…but somehow a bunch of cute, shy boys showed up….hmmmmm

Brett turned fourteen. I have a fourteen year old...did you hear that? fourteen! My own youthful indiscretions are still too fresh on my mind to have a teenage son.

For Brett's birthday this year we took a bunch of rowdy boys to the Haunted Forest. Teenage boys act really tough, but I saw a few pale faces as we stood in line. I think a couple of the boys would have preferred to just stay home and play Twister.

The first annual Neves pumpkin carving contest was a success.

Jared and Amber threw the gantlet down. The competition was fierce.

Will cheated and got an early start…we should’ve won, but at the last minute Will pulled off an upset.

I think he bribed my Grandpa with the promise to listen to his life story. But what’s a family party without competition and controversy.

My birthday was a blur. Literally. Dean put Kal in charge of taking pictures...gee thanks.

I even got a traditional candyposter the day before the biggest candy day of the year.

Then the big day came.

Brett was an eighties rock-star. I kept wondering if he was doing obscene gestures with his hands. He is too naïve to know, and thankfully so am I.

Lauren was the Corpse Bride. A good look for her.

Wade was ‘ol Captain Hook. It takes a confident nine year old to wear velvet and tights.

River was a mermaid. As I was putting on her make-up she said “finally I look like a woman…” Thank goodness Dean wasn’t there to hear that.

Kal was Peter Pan. And again…who needs masculine and gore, when you have a little boy willing to wear tights.

Quincy was an un-cooperative Tinkerbelle fairy.

At the last minute I dressed up as a suicide bomber. Not my best year.

Cousin Luke won my best costume award for Jack Skeleton.

A close second was Brooke as the Octomom.

River and Kal with cousins Maddie, Lox and Sophie.

Lauren with cousins. Indy is "Lady Gaga" and Hallie is a punk-rock chick with an attitude.

More cousin pictures. Little Gracie looks a little ticked off.

Will & Kim. Will without his usual mask and chainsaw, and squirting blood.
The kids were safe.

Rex Kwando's pants and Jake doing a roundoff kick to the face.

Throw in a little crying, fighting, and complaints of stomach aches and there you have it.
It's all over and I couldn't be happier.
And if I hear someone claiming to have their Christmas shopping done already I will kill them.


Allyson said...

All of the costumes were so cute! especially yours. Dont look at my latest FB post!

Amie said...

Hil. did I read your post right? You, Hil, ready for Halloween to be over? Something must seriously be wring with the world. I never thought I would hear something like that come out of your mouth.

On a side note. The kids looked great all dressed up as always and your picture in now on the FBI's most wanted list. Good job!


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