bowling for birthdays or Great Expectations

My child's birthday is not the most exciting thing to read about, I know..I know..
but today I've got nothing else.

River turned SIX! We are on River overload around here.
My sister-in-law, Merrie wrote about birthday overload on her facebook page. Does anyone else think we've set the birthday bar too high for our kids? Special birthday breakfast, balloons, signs, presents, cake, special dinner, birthday lunch with Dad, classroom treat, birthday outfit, classroom poster, friends party, family parties, birthday table at school...etc. just some of the expectations of birthdays in the year 2009.
I admit it's so hard not to spoil the child when it's their special day.

My mom is to blame, she always made our birthdays great.
River announced to everyone she didn't have to do work, or obey rules on her birthday.
Um..hmm..ok. We might be sending the wrong message.

We went bowling for River's birthday...obviously. This is Kal waiting for his turn to slowly roll the ball down the lane while we all cheer. Sounds riveting huh?

This is my lovely family making fun of my bowling form no doubt.

Brett remained on the floor trying to regain his dignity after slipping and falling in front of a bunch of BYU co-eds

Breaking the honor code, Brett put a fake earring in his ear...and waited for Dean to notice

Dean finally noticed it, and tried smiling through gritted teeth.

After several disappointments, I realized that I needed to give my kids acting lessons on how to look thrilled when opening up presents. It works!

Wade wasn't joking...his fingers were stuck almost to the point of tears...almost.

And last but certainly NOT least.
Introducing my beautiful new neice (Will & Kim's)
Little Lily Katherine Neves was born on River's birthday!

So here is my advice to my little brother Will.
In the years to come as your baby girl grows up and you are tempted to buy her a life size barbie, a pony or a rainbow for her birthday...
think about buying her a savings bond instead.


Randi said…
Oh Hil, I hear you on setting the bar too high. Sometimes I feel like it's more of "birthweek" than "birthDAY"! And what ever happened to the old fashioned parties we used to have/go to? I tried one of those once and the kids were completely bored. Shame on them! Lol! This year we are just doing a family party. We'll see how that goes. The greedy side of me thinks I should throw them friend parties just to recoup some of the $ I have spent on others. I bet we have soent over $150 EASY on them this year. It's the Grinch in me, I guess.
The Aspirant said…
Thank you for the wonderful words of advice and for posting pics of our cute baby. I still keep trying to talk Will into saving money instead of spending it - hopefully Lily will change his mind.

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