29 days and counting...

Last night as Thanksgiving day was fading with the perfect sunset, someone asked me about my Black Friday plans...my fleeting thought was "I really don't care, but I do a little."

So I fought with myself all night long wondering if my lazy bones were going to make their way out of bed at 4:00 am. Proud to say,...no they didn't.
But I did make it to a few stores around 7:00 am and found pretty much what I wanted. I was even able to resist the yelling and elbow throwing over the last pair of three dollar pajamas.



Roberts said…
I got up around 4:45 and hit the store I wanted. They had everything under control and passed around a list while we were waiting in line and then when the doors opened we just went to the back and they had our stuff in a bag. No pushing or anything it was great. I got what I wanted.
Sorensen's said…
Hey, I was checking out your pictures and the guy in the first picture playing cards, is that Mr Finnley? I had him as a teacher in Jr. High and I swear that is him. Cute kids!

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