The most wonderful time of the year

What makes this the most wonderful time of the year?
Not the isles and isles of Halloween candy that I love...
Not the pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies...
Not the great Halloween decorations and costumes...
Not even that my birthday is on Halloween Eve...
No...the very best part of this time of year is getting to scare the pants off
my innocent little babies with the gruesome Halloween masks at Walmart.
Something is wrong with me.

I make Dean dress up with me every year at Halloween.
It's just a given birthday present to me.

Here I am last year dressed as a "Desperate Housewife" Dean is a frozen human head that I keep in the freezer.

He looks thrilled doesn't he.


Saffron Grass said…
THat was the best costume you ever thought up. My Halloween costumes are usually whatever you guys were the year before. So hopefully it's going to be a winner again this year.
Elise said…
Hah! I just watched that episode of Desperate Housewives, actually :). You are too funny!

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