A little news

Well...here goes
I should just cut to the chase, but first I would like to say that I feel very inadequate and have overwhelming feelings of guilt when I think of those who struggle to have children or those who've had difficulties doing so.

Dean and I have felt compelled for some time now to have another baby.

I will quote from an e-mail I recently sent Dean's family regarding the news:

"Some of you know already...so let's just make it official.
We are expecting a baby. Due at the end of April.
All is well and we are very excited.
We have asked ourselves...
who are we to think its okay to bring seven persons into this crazy world?
You are probably asking the same thing.
These sort of questions run through our thoughts often.
Someday we will know all the answers.
But for now we are just feeling happy and blessed.
And besides...only five more to go."

All our love - Dean - Hil and kids.


Heather said…
Yea! I told Kevin on Sunday that I thought you were pregnant. Don't know why I thought that, but now I know. That's great, hope you feel okay.
Roberts said…
I'm glad you sent Dean's family an e-mail. Wait I guess you don't consider us family, we didn't get the e-mail. Congratulations. I'm glad it's you.
Devin & Jordyn said…
I knew it!! me and my mom were thinking you were pregnant, Im like heather too and dont really know why we thought you were... and by no means was it because you were getting bigger or anything your tiny always have been (: But CONGRATS!!

p.s. You and Dean need to stop taking all the cute kids from heaven and leave some for Devin and I LOL (: your kids are adorable!!
The Wright's said…
Congratulations!!! You are such a great mom and you look so great after having 6. Your kids are all adorable so I say KEEP 'EM COMING!!! :o)
Amie said…
Congrats! We need some new babies in the family!!
Congratulations! I got my bump band at motherhood in the mall. It really is wonderful! I haven't needed to buy any new pants or skirts.
Where in England did your husband serve? I can give you the recipe for the trifle if you like? it's really not that difficult. Looks more advanced than it really is ;)
Saffron Grass said…
Don't worry if anyone will question your decision. The Lord won't and that's all that matters.
Platt Lucky 7 said…
Congratulations!! I guess you and I will have 7. You did here I was having TWINS?!?!?! We are due in February. I agree your kids are so dang cute!! Shall we see who can get to 12 first? :) (I pick you)
Platt Lucky 7 said…
I meant "hear". I was typing too fast :)
Allyson said…
Remeber that "talk" we had a few months ago? Well I agree with Saffron Grass. If you were meant to have another, then God would make it be so. You guys are such wonderful parents I'm sure he would send you 10 more.
Anonymous said…
ok. i believe you now.

daisy said…
YAY!!! We are so HAPPY for you. I think it is great - more people should consider having bigger families. I can't wait to hear when you have this new little person. Love ya! Jon & Kaye Neves
CONGRATS!! You are such an awesome mom and will do just fine with 7. I wondered if you were pregnant after our phone conversation after I had Brielle. We are blessed to be able to have children so easily:) Let me know if you need anything. How many grandkids does this make for Deans mom?
Elise said…
Wow! Congratulations!
Charlyn said…
Yeah for you!! I say the more the better. Who says that 4 is the new 7. Keep em' commin'. Congratulations!!
Sorensen's said…
Hilary! Congrats!!! I just found your blog when I posted a "Happy Birthday" to your Facebook and seen that you have one! I hope that you are feeling good! You are a hot momma for a woman with soon to be 7 kids!

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