Hello State Fair...Goodbye summer allowance

The Utah State Fair has always been a traditional Fall must-do for us.
This year my older three kids were quick enough to grab their allowance just as we headed out the door.
Right off the bat Brett strapped on a jumping harness and unloaded a cool ten.
Wade followed.

Oh sure.. the fair has plenty of free attractions, like the butter cows; the vendor booths; the craft booths; the rabbits, goats, and pigs...
But this year some residual summer allowance was burning a hole in my kids pockets.
Lauren just had to pay to see the Giant Alligator and Miniature Horse.
So did all the others.
Deep fried snickers...Lemonade snowcones...
And all of that was even before we hit the Midway!

So after a day of indulgence and nothing to show for it except empty pockets,
you would think lesson learned...
yeah, you would think...
I got suckered into riding this stupid yellow slide four times.
it was awesome!


Allyson said…
Looks like fun! I wish we would have went!

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