This non-electronic device has entertained my kids all week.

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best.

We picked up this pair of stilts at the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days.
A cute little Boy Scout was selling them.

I can't remember how much I paid...10 maybe 15 dollars?

Either way I thought they were a steal.
Guess who mastered the stilts first try??

Best money spent all summer.


Devin & Jordyn said…
I like how brett has his shirt off.... Nice muscle's!!! ps hes not the only one that goes around with his shirt off dallin is Soooo obsessed with going every where with No shirt on LOL... Looks like fun though.... (:
Laraine H. said…
I need some of those at my house. We had some a few years ago, the kids left them out in the grass and the sprinklers did a number on them after a week. No Batteries is the way to go :)
Allyson said…
One of the funnest toys we ever had was a pogo stick! I cant find one anywhere.
Our family said…
I love it.. That looks like tons of fun. I think we will be investing in a pair of stilts... Thanks for the great idea. Maybe I will call you for a stilts race - after we practice of course.

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