Tears of Joy

Today is the last day of school for my kids.
Today makes me a little bit happy, and a little bit sad.
Today is as bittersweet, as the first day of school.
Today I saw my kids’ teachers crying as they waved goodbye.
Today I saw my kids dump a years worth of schoolwork
on my counter and ask..."now what Mom?"
Today I reclaim my children…full time.
Tears of joy?

The traditional last day bike ride to school
Brett and Austin at 7:00 am (5.2 miles)

Lauren and friends at 8:00 am (3.5 miles)

Wade River and Kal at 12:30 pm


Randi said…
I love your writing! You have a knack for summing up so many of the same feelings I have, but in a much more eloquent way. Yes, today is bittersweet, a relief, overwhelming, and a little bit scary (you mean to tell me I am stuck with these kids 24/7 now?)! Let's plan to meet up sometime and let the kids play and run out some energy. Now...what to do with the other 90+ days until school begins...?
Allyson said…
thats funny that your kids ride their bikes to school on the last day. Wyatt did too. I cant remember if i did or not. we need to plan a day date with the kids. Ivie would love to play.
Amie said…
So what is the plan for this summer? Can I be involved. I need Kal and Quincey to love me like Wade and River do!!

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