Slime it up!

For those of you who've always wanted your very own slime ball. Here you go.


#1. Mix 1 cup of white glue with 1 cup of room temperature water, and four drops of food coloring.
#2 In separate bowl mix 1 and 1/3 cups warm water with four Tbsp. of BORAX. (found in walmart in the laundry soap isle)...stir till dissolved)

#3 Pour glue mixture into borax mixture slowly, and roll mixture around three or four times.
#4 Take slime out of water, and knead on a plate. (slime will soften after kneading.)

#5. Keep in airtight container or Baggies, and avoid contact with clothing or furniture.


Allyson said…
I'm totally going to make this! Ivie loves to play with new things.
Randi said…
We've made this before, the kids call is 'gack' or 'blob'. They loved it!

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