Standing at the sink yesterday, out of the corner of my eye; I see the wing of an airplane zipping by the kitchen window.

I grab the kids (preschool kids included) and my camera and we run outside just as the most fabulous yellow airplane buzzes our house.

The pilot makes several spectacular passes just feet from the screaming kids as they yell to him “go upside down! go upside down!”

We all watched for several minutes, taking pictures, and I, this kind pilot must’ve seen us and is putting on a show for the kids.

It wasn’t until the last pass as spray covered the field and then seconds later as a strange mist blasted me in the face that I realize this “kind pilot” was simply spraying pesticide on the fields around our house.

My flesh is still burning.



Allyson said…
I remember that when I was a kid in the country
Saffron Grass said…
Ouch, I could practically feel my own flesh burning with that. Pretty funny Hilary.
Randi said…
I LOVED the "cropduster" (as we called it) when I was growing up on the farm. I recall many mornings being woken up by it zipping over the house. We loved it! We'd set and watch it until it was gone. I didn't even know they did that anymore. I wish my boys could see it, they'd love it as they are obsessed with planes. As for the pesticides, I turned out ok...;)

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