Last Wednesday Lauren performed in the "Hope Of America"
(she is in red...can you spot her?)
It was one of those typical busy evenings;
We had a million things going on.
Brett had Scouts, Wade missed a baseball practice, Lauren forgot her costume, the car was out of gas, my phone was out of battery, dinner was either a piece of toast, or a handful of M&M's,
and the kids didn't get to bed until ten.
(oh, who am I was more like eleven.)

But it was well worth it to sit as a family and cheer our girl on.
Go Lauren!...Go USA!...Go Hope of America!


Saffron Grass said…
Hil, if that's impressive to you...That's my every night. So, am I your hero now?
Roberts blog said…
Brooke, you are everyone's hero.
Allyson said…
What is hope of america? and Ivie goes to bed at 11 frequently, that way I can sleep in till at least 830 before she starts bugging me to get up.

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