"I fell off a galloleaping horse"




Last Saturday I was in my usual Wal-Mart coma, shopping by myself.
Half the kids were at home. The other half were branding cows.
Just then Brett called and said "Hi mom...River is hurt"
I was trying to concentrate on which checkout line to choose so I casually said;
"I'm sure she's fine"
Brett said..."uhh...ok..."
Amber then got on the phone.
She said that a horse just took off running with Lox & River in the saddle.
They both eventually fell off, and River was knocked out.
Both girls were bumped and bruised, but luckily ok.
I'll spare you the funny anecdotes of the five-hour wait in the ER.
One broken arm later, River is as good as new.
But, oh boy - all the attention has gone to her head.
Now River greets strangers with a wave of her broken arm and says
"Hi, I fell off a Galloleaping horse...I am ok though, do you want to sign my cast?"


She is so stinking CUTE!! I am so glad she is o.k. though. I love her new hair cut too!
Saffron Grass said…
River Roberts Rocks!
Randi said…
Glad she's ok! Whata brave little girl!!

Btw, I love ER anecdotes! To me, a visit to the ER is more fun than Christmas morning (if I'm not there for a life-threatening reason)! But I am warped and want to work there some day-what fun!! ;)
Amie said…
River Jane----I want to sign your cast!!!

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