Fun with a Rope Swing

Who would've thought that an old, bristly, wet rope would be so much fun.
This past weekend, we enjoyed some campin, four-wheelin, horse-shoe throwin and rope swingin at the Taylor compound in Tabiona. We were all in constant fear of the high water that was right next to us, and although the Duchesne River was frigid, and raging...this little stream was the perfect playground for a bunch of wild kids.
(push the pause button to slow down the slideshow)


Saffron Grass said…
Hil, those pictures are AWESOME! I hope the Taylor's won't mind us being in Tabiona next week and trying out the rope swing for ourselves. That water doesn't look that cold.
Allyson said…
we were in Altamont this weekend! thats pretty close to tabiona right? we should have gotten together. I would have much rather swung on a rope swing that dug sprinkler trenches by hand!
Allyson said…
And no, that sighn isnt in my room! But Thad probably wishes it was! I love having that power over him...bwahaha

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