Down with DownEast

DownEast has come a long way
from the used and abused second-hand store it used to be when I was in college.
They were known as DownEast Outfitters then.
I remember back in the day, I once had a hot date and I went to DownEast Outfitters and bought a red Polo shirt to go with my Girbaud jeans.
I was "psyched!"
Imagine my embarrassment when my date said "did you know you shirt has a rip in the back?"
Like I say, DownEast has come a long way.
However, I have two gripes with their line of clothing.

#1 Not enough variety.
EVERYONE has the same skirt at church, the same shirt at PTA, the same outfit at Cafe Rio.

#2 Their turn around isn't quick enough.
The same baby doll shirt is still for sale as it was two years ago.

I do love their swimsuit line though. Just try to avoid Seven Peaks, and the Scera pool...and church.


Charlyn said…
I know how to solve your problem.....move to Salina. It still happens, but just not as much. But I so see where your coming from.
Randi said…
You forgot to mention that their stuff falls apart FAST! I guess we get what we pay for.

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