Money talks

(amounts in the photo’s have been blocked for your protection)

Yesterday I had Dean cash out
his paychecks and bring it all
home in $100 bills.
(I figured we could borrow it from
the bank for one night)
During family night,
I gave the kids the wad of cash
and assigned them to come up with
a monthly family budget.
Their eyes were wide as they thumbed through the money, allocating it.
Dean and I just sat back and let them
talk it through.
Lauren said “first thing is Tithing of course and then clothing.”
Wade piped up and said "what about pants...what's wrong with D.I.?"

Brett was the voice of reason reminding them of the house payment..
“$200.00 should cover it.”
River said "what about the fridge bill?
...what about the Red Box bill?”
Kal just ate popcorn.

While they were discussing it amongst themselves…
Dean whispered to me…”they really needed this”
Finally the kids presented Dean and I with “their” monthly budget,
proudly indicating they had a lot of money left over.
Dean and I then tried to humbly show them what it truly takes to make a
family of eight function.
When our “real” monthly budget was written down for them,
they could see there wasn’t much room for wasted electricity, or wasted food etc.
All in all it was a GREAT experiment for our family, enhanced by the fact that the wind was howling outside and the power had just gone out earlier in the evening.
The kids got out the flashlights and candles, they were having a good 'ol time.
When the power came back on after only 30 minutes...
Lauren said "that was fun, except for the freezing"
So give this little "budget" experiment a try...
It also works on husbands.


Roberts said…
Will you have your kids make me a menu for a month. I would love to only spend 100 dollars on food. Aren't kids great and naive. I love it.
Randi said…
GREAT idea! We're doing this! My kids need a serious reality check.
Amera said…
That is such a brilliant idea-wow! This is nick's wife, Amera. I really loved that post, how awesome! I love the 200 dollar house payment! What would it be to be a kid again! hahaha.
Saffron Grass said…
Hil you are just bragging now. So what's next reading the scriptures every night. I have to admit, this looks like an entertaining idea. Brilliant in it's simplicity. What will you come up with next...(no pressure? how do you do one of those "winky" things, ;)

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