Make mama proud

This is my buddy Kal.
He makes me laugh.
He is officially a "Big Kid" now.
After two days of straight "accidents"...
He finally got it!
What took me so long to potty train?
But he did it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought.
I couldn't be prouder.
Welcome to the club Kal!


Charlyn said…
wahooo....that is always such a relief to get them potty trained. Your amazing.....doing that six times. Hats off to you!
Allyson said…
Ivie caught on to #1 really was #2 that gave me a run for it. The only thing that worked was a $1 store toy every time #2 happened in the potty. It cost me $10 bucks but it was worth it!
Diana said…
In stake conference, a young mother talked. She was so funny, talking about her family and at the end of her testimony she said:
"I know I am at the best time for a mother: they're all potty-trained and no one's driving." She had realized she was related to Elder Holland and she could hardly contain herself. When it was Elder Holland's turn he said that she came to shake his hand after her talk, but he thought she was going to ask him if he was potty trained." To say the least it was riotous time in stake conf.

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