Happy Birthday to you..you live in a Zoo

My big sis Brooke turns Thirty-Six today.

What can I say about the girl who has had the biggest influence on me?
Oh the stories I could tell of our childhood…
growing up together
just the two of us in a family full of five brothers.
Some stories are too personal to tell
Some are too embarrassing to tell
Some stories my therapist advised me not to talk about anymore.
Tomorrow will be installment #1.
The one thing I admire about Brooke most
is that she does not like mediocrity.
Therefore, most things she does are exceptional.
Her children...exceptional
Her journal writing...exceptional
Her PTA newsletter...exceptional
Her sense of style...exceptional
Her kids' school projects...exceptional
Her taste in music, TV and books...exceptional
Her advice...exceptional
I could go on and on.
I love you Brooke. Happiest of days to you!


Saffron Grass said…
Hil, you have given me the birthday I have long wanted as an adult. Finally my own blog post about MY birthday and balloons. What more could I ask for. Well, I do want to hear a good story, and then I could reply in kind. Thanks for making my birthday very "special"(I am 36 after all). I won't let it out that the picture was taken I believe when I was 33. You are the best!

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