facebook ethics

Like you, I have become a fan of facebook after hating it for quite a while.
But probably unlike you, facebook is making me feel very anxious.
Maybe you know what I mean…
I am anxious because I never know what to say on my status update.
Should I be honest…
”Hilary is wearing cheap makeup”
Or should I simply state the obvious…
"Hilary is tired"
Or should I say something flattering…
"Hilary is cooking, cleaning, exercising and getting ready for a cruise."
I also fret about commenting on people’s status. Let’s say a friend writes…
”Sally is crying” Isn’t it my obligation to write back and ask why.
And isn’t it a little insincere to talk to “Sally” on facebook,
but not be concerned enough to call her?
And what in the heck do you do with…
”Sally is bummed her neighbor has to go through Chemo again.”
I have never been good at calling friends just to chat.
My intentions are great…I try to stay in touch, respond quickly, offer witty comments,
and engage in clever banter.
But this facebook thing just makes my social shortcomings more obvious.
I’d like to just stay over here on BLOGGER, where I am more comfortable.
Where I am loved…
Where my post can be well thought out, and revised, and re- re-vised.
But, I do remain an admirer of Facebook.
If only for the fact that it is like a big High School/Family/Childhood reunion
which I am pretty big fan of.
So, like the wise philosopher Severe says… “Face it and Embrace it”


Randi said…
I was starting to get worried you were going to leave FB world. It's so fun but it's a weird thing, too. I'm not sure how I feel about it either, for the same reasons as you. Also, I realize that I am talking to my neighbors, friends, family a lot more on FB than real life sometimes. It's kind of wrong. But the WORST? being dumped or even better, rejected, on FB. Now that's what I can't really wrap my brain around. It's like I really don't care...but I kind of do. I think, I have too much going on in my life to worry about being a FB reject, but it's a little disheartening that there are actually people out there who dislike me so much as to reject me on the WWW. But, whatever. Don't need it! I got thru all those issues in HS, right? ;)
Saffron Grass said…
Scott learned somewhere that facebook researchers classified the "status" in three ways: people who really tell exactly what they are doing at that moment, ie. "Sally is eating some yummy pancakes. yum.
Then there is the people who use the status as an indicator of how brilliant and off the wall they are. ie: Sally is (insert brilliant metaphor). And I can't think of the last. I will find it and amend. Be patient

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