Bring Spring!

The other day was glorious.
blue skies
birds chipping,
sun shining,
weeds growing...River said she wanted to take Quincy for a walk around the block.
She made it to the end of our road...about 20 feet
"I give up, she's too heavy" She said.
Qunicy is growing like a weed.
Dean and I abandoned our kids for about eight hours yesterday…
We just couldn't take it anymore…
Just kidding, we actually went to Manti to see some friends go through the Temple.
We left the kids to babysit themselves.
They were overly excited for us to leave.
It made me suspicious.
But, after we left we only got about three phone calls saying things like..
“Mom, can we have a fruit snack, and where are the matches?”
You know…innocent stuff like that.
We would’ve had to pay out a good $40.00 for a babysitter,
But we gladly took advantage of the loose child–labor laws
and had the kids watch themselves.
We came home to a lot of flies in the house, a mysterious red stain on the counter,
a sticky floor, and an empty candy jar.
But found six happy, dirty but alive children.
That’s how I measure success these days.
While we were gone they took some pictures of each other on the trampoline.

Dinner Exchange Update:
This week I exchanged three pans of Pasta Milano for
Chicken Parmesan
Steak taco salad and
Chicken Enchiladas.
Not bad eh?
a couple posts back when I said Lauren commented on my “skinny jeans”....
I was referring to the style of pants (boot cut, straight leg, etc.)
NOT the SIZE of my pants.
Just clarifying.


Tammy said…
okay, alright already...we all know you are one skinny hot mama of six, who wears skinny jeans...oh and white pants!

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