Christmas in pictures

This year Christmas morning found us in a hotel room in the sunny south,
far away from anything cold.
After traveling several hours through the night on Christmas Eve with my parents
we nestled the kids in room # 284 at the Hampton.
The kids were half asleep as they hung their stockings.
We tucked them into bed and whispered dreams of free continental breakfast and sleeping in.
Santa did find us and once again He did not disappoint.
There were many exclaims of WOW! AWESOME! NO WAY! and COOL!
and that was just from Dean…ha ha)
This year we broke out of the traditional and mixed it up a bit.
Even though we missed our little warm home and extended family on Christmas day; we truly enjoyed having my parents all to ourselves and let them spoil us to their little hearts content.


I remember having Easter in a hotel! Its always a good memory. Looks like you guys had lots of fun.
Dan the Man said…
Sounds fun. I'm glad that I am famous enough to come to mind when you see someone cool, like Wade, who I agree is very cool. Anyways, who would have imagined that Wade would take after the cool cousin that would chase him around and scare him by taking fake teeth halfway out to look like a vampire. Bloppo.

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