Goldielox Pettiskirts

This is what my girls are getting for Christmas this year. Adorable right? These skirts are called pettiskirts, and my sister-in-law makes them with her own two talented hands. Some of these skirts go for $90 on the Internet, but Andrea sells them for quite a bit less. They are made out of a super soft material that is like tulle but not hard and scratchy like TuTu's are. My niece Mary got a brand new cotton candy pink pettiskirt and walks around twirling and dancing like a princess. Check out Andrea's blog; you are going to want one. If your girls are all grown up, or you only have boys, don't worry Andrea told me she could make an adult size pettiskirt. I keep teasing Brett that I am going to get one for myself and wear it to his up-coming school dance, which Dean and I are chaperoning. Poor kid can't eat or sleep now.


topher clark said…
Ms. Roberts.

I am here to help. The post you are looking for was a guest post I did for Stephanie's blog. It's here:

The last picture is pretty astounding.
Aunt Hillary!! This is Jordyn Gividen Crouch I love your blog I got it from Leisa its so cute i love the little skirts!!! I just got a blog not to long ago so if you want my address its
Randi said…
Gorgeous picture, Hil!

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