Ahhh..fer cute!

I'm sure you can guess
who this chubby,
happy little girl is.
Dean was acting funny on the morning of my birthday...
He was rummaging through my cedar chest,
and then he walked backwards out of the room.
Later, he asked me for the password to my blog.
Dean found this picture of me and took it to work with him,
scanned it, and intended to post something really sweet
and sentimental on our blog about me, the birthday girl.
Key word here..“intended”… It is now the 21st of November.
I’ve decided to post this picture myself,
and give Dean all the credit in the world
for being such a thoughtful husband.
After all; one cannot expect too much.
“It’s the thought that counts.” seems to be our family motto.


Saffron Grass said…
You don't know how bad I want to pinch your chubby cheeks. I am just going to have to do it in real life. That was a really sweet intention that Dean had.

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