Say "Cheese"!

Well here is the big reveal......
New Family Pictures - courtesy of Jared Neves
I love them!

I want to incorporate a bunch of the pictures into my blog,
so this is just a sneak peek. THANKS Again JARED!


Charlyn said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog, but it looks like you got it right every single time. You family is beautiful. Great pictures that capture the moment! you look so good as always. What's your secret?
The Aspirant said…
Great pics! I especially love the picture of all the girls. So beautiful!! Isn't that crazy to see how big your family has got?? Le sigh!
michellekoerber said…
Okay that one where your oldest is carrying the baby is just about the most precious thing I've seen! It brought tears to my eyes! I wish I had older ones to take care of my young ones! LOL Your family is so beautiful!

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