October 4th

Eleven years ago on a rainy Saturday morning,
Dean and I left our Spanish Fork home heading towards the hospital in Payson.
It was around 9:30 a.m. I had been up since 4:00 a.m. with contractions;
I can't remember how far apart they were, or how long they were lasting...
I just remember not being able to stand it any longer.
As we pulled onto 8th North we met Brooke in the middle of the road.
She was coming to watch Jared play football.
Dean rolled down his window so Brooke and I could talk.
Neither of us could say a word to eachother.
We just looked at eachother and cried tears of excitement and fear;
tears exchanged only between sisters.
Brooke mouthed "I love you Hil" as we drove away.
An hour and a half later, a nurse placed a sweet little baby girl in my arms.
The baby's name was Lauren Kate.


Vikings said…

That's exactly how I remember it too. It was such a sweet special moment.
Lauren is so beautiful and you are becoming an excellent blogger.
Happy Birthday "Erna" I will never forget when I met a beautiful toddler named "Erna" I was confused how some one so cute could have a name like that! Later, days later.....Josh told me your real name! We love you Lauren and miss you!
Elise said…
What a beautiful picture!

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