is our first born (Oct. 11th 1995)
was 7 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born (and had a little colic)
is a people pleaser...(good and bad thing)
has never had swimming lessons, but swims like a fish.
wants…needs (he thinks)…his own cell phone
looks like Dean did when he was younger
hates spaghetti, loves casseroles
shoved his front tooth into his gums when he was one
is left handed
is pursuing straight A’s
has lots of “crushes” but no “girlfriend”
sleeps so heavy, no alarm yet can wake him up
is great with kids…especially babies
can be very mischievous (reminds me of Uncle Josh)
won the Kiwanis Club “Terrific Kid” award in fifth grade
likes to know in the morning what we are having for dinner that night
is a good conversationalist
has a great laugh
broke his collar bone when he jumped off the stairs to me,
and I forgot to catch him.


Gosh, they grow up fast!


Brety, oh wait you're thirteen!!! I guess I better start calling you Bret. You have grown up so fast and have been such a great example not only to your brothers and sisters, but also to those all around you. I remember at Quincey's blessing I got out of the car and had Grace on one arm and my salad bowl, dressings and spoons on my other arm. You were playing football, when you saw me you came running over asking me if I needed help. You then took the salad stuff inside and came back out to ask me if I needed to make the salad while you watched Grace. You are always helping others. Josh and I are so proud of all that you do. Keep it up.
Saffron Grass said…
Happy Birthday Brett,

In honor of you...I will post the How to be Jock video on my blog. Wait not, yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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