Top 25

Here it is.
I've tweaked, modified, and started my summer to do list.

Hey, why don’t you join us, it’ll be great!
(no particular order)

1- Go for a horse ride with Dean
2- Pull off a successful Roberts family reunion
3- Hike the “Y” with the kids
4- Get a tan
5- Go Geocaching (any advice?)
6- Read The Great Brain out loud to the kids.
7- Attend the Castle Valley Pageant
8- Hike up to “Sliding Rock” in Alpine
9- Seven Peaks
10- Teach the kids to work
11- Watch a drive in movie with the family (Redwood Road in SLC)
12- Refinish my kitchen cabinets
13- Go swimming at the “habitat” in Sp. Fork Canyon
14- “Rough it” in the great outdoors
15- Watch a parade
16- Teach the kids how to cook
17- Go for a bike ride
18- Bless our new baby
19- Take the kids to the BYU museum
20- Control the weeds
21- Watch an Owlz baseball game
22- Organize my pictures
23- Start something new, like working from home
24- Attend one or two classes at Education Week
25- See a play

More to come…


tammyneves said…
Count us in Hil, we would love to help you complete your to-do list and have fun at the same time.
Charlyn said…
Hilary....this is Charlyn I have no idea how I came across your blog but I found I did. We were just talking the other day about how we all needed to get together and go to dinner or a weekend getaway in park city. Congrats on your new baby. Hope you don't mind if I stop in and check on your blog again!! I sure miss seeing everyone at bunko :( you can check out our blog at Congrats again. I love all that hair!!
Hil! Love the blog and your family is beautiful! Love the to-do list too. Think I might steal that one from you, I could fill it up FAST! Hope the little baby is doing well, I wish I could have seen her the other day. Call me! Rand
We would love to come along on your top 25. My dad eats, drinks and sleeps geocaching. He has solved and retrieved a ton of caches and also put out a lot of his own. There are a lot of fun ones. Ask Josh about the caches he has been dragged to by my dad. We always tease my dad about how much he loves geocaching. So if you need any advice or want to know of some fun ones around here let us know.

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