Last Sunday I was leaving the Primary room with my arms full. I had my primary box in one arm and Kal in the other. I turned out into the crowded hall to face a man in our ward who I only casually know. The man placed his open hands squarely on my belly. He was holding me hostage there in the hallway of the church by my tummy. He said with a smile, “wow, when are you going to pop?” I stood there awkwardly and laughed nervously not able to move, because he was still squeezing my tummy. Our primary president was standing behind him with a horrified look on her face. I really didn’t mind too much, I realize that I am hard to miss. But I did feel like saying “Hey, my eyes are up here.”

The other night I was trying to let the kids feel the baby kick. Nothing was happening, and none of the kids had patience for it. Just at the right moment, I placed Brett’s hand on my belly, just as the baby did a killer summersault. Brett’s eyes got really big and looked at me with surprise, I shook my head “yes” and he quickly jerked his hand away with shock, he was very creeped out. Sometimes I feel like my belly is not a part of me, like it is some alien foreign object that just happens to be attached to me 24/7. I suppose I am getting a little claustrophobic.

I think I have OCD. I crunch ice like a mad woman. It is definitely an obsession. I’ve broken out two teeth doing it. The ice has to be “cured”, just a little melted, but solid enough to chomp. Sometimes when I am driving in the car and thinking about crunching ice I get goose bumps and my mouth starts to water. I‘ve read that this phenomenon has to do with a low iron deficiency in pregnancy. It could be worse though; some pregnant women with low iron in fact crave things like charcoal, chalk, cornstarch and dirt. Dirt…? Wow, that’s strange can you imagine someone actually craving dirt…? Weirdo’s!


Genuine Class said…
Hil. You are crazy! Really, Really Crazy! I read your blog and imagine that it is mom that is writing it. Good luck on the baby and pretty soon you will write about your recent studies of the brain. Just joking.
The Wright's said…
Thanks to Tammy I found your blog. Your family is so cute and is still growing. Good luck with the new arrival. My blog is I hope that you and your family are doing well. :) Emily
The Aspirant said…
I can't wait for our new little GIRL to come AND please ignore Will's last comments. He is the crazy one.
Elise said…
Hil, you are an awesome writer! What were you talking about?

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