Faux Pas

I have always felt compelled (against Dean’s wishes) to make conversation with strangers while riding in an elevator. So finding ourselves in Washington DC was no different. There we were in the Hart Building, riding an elevator with a very distinguished looking man. Now, you can blame it on my jet lag, but I looked at the man’s “outfit” and said “wow, you sure have a lot of badges on your suit” (Dean ducked his head and slumped down behind me.) The man offered a little smile and a nice courtesy laugh, and said, “I guess, it just shows how old I am.” Then he quickly exited off the elevator as soon as the doors opened. Later I saw this same man on TV addressing the Senate, well actually it wasn’t General Petraous, but these two men were dressed the same. I wonder what this Four Star General thought me, some crazy pregnant lady with blood shot eyes complementing him on his “badges.”


SEVERE blog said…
Hil when are you going to post the footage of you sleeping on the floor of the Capitol building. Maybe I will post it instead
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Roberts blog said…
I removed the last comment because I made a typo- and I didn't know how to edit it...Help anyone?
Roberts blog said…
Here we go.

I don't doubt your abilities Brooke, but I am wondering how you would happen to have said footage...? Just let me know what you want from me. I am willing to negotiate.
SEVERE blog said…
I like those little round cookies a lot

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