October Rewind

On our way to vote the other day,
Dean and I drove past a beautiful home that was completely decorated for Christmas.

 Head-to-toe, lights...wreaths...lawn animals etc.

It was November 2nd-
We just looked at each other and laughed. I wanted to yell out the window...
"Respect the seasons people!"

This world is getting crazy, isn't it.

But to each his own.
How was your Fall?

We survived.  That is I thought we did...until..

I woke up last Monday morning- feeling so over Halloween.
In fact I said it out loud;
"Kids I am SO over Halloween, by the time you get home from school, this whole Halloween mess will be cleaned up."
Then my little..angels said "no mom, don't put it away yet, this week is Spirit Week at the junior high.
Today is Duct Tape day, tomorrow is Clash Day, the next is Superhero Day, then Costume Day and Friday the person who dresses up with the most spirit wins.

(my eye twitching) huh?

Oh well, as the great Gilda Radner said;
"If it's not one thing, it's another"

Here is our Fall - In rewind.

--> REWIND to our HUGE Halloween party at my sister Brooke's house Sunday night. I mean were talkin bobbin for apples, spook alley in the basement, balloon animals, pie eating contests etc.
You know I'm kidding.
Usually the adults sit around talking and eating...
while the kids run wild, fend for themselves, and quickly establish a pecking order.

Here is the sampling of our Halloween best.
Left to right; John and Andrea as themselves. Jared and Amber and James'ie as the Russian Mafia.
Brooke and Scott as pop culture icons, "Snookie and Macgruber." Will as the scariest of us all, a Tea Bagger (insert eye roll), and Dean and I as The Spider and The Fly.

The Severe family doin their thang.

All the Queen of Hearts, stealing hearts.

It was a well fought battle and fortunately for Brett,
Dallon was too busy with X-Box to be bothered by Brett's choking.

--> REWIND to Saturday night, also known as "Halloween practice run" in Utah.   
Trunk and/or Treating just moments after a huge three minute storm makes things interesting.

Brett as a mummy (the third costume change in a week,
 he was bored with the other two I came up with.)
Quincy, Lauren and River as the Queen of Hearts (respectively)
Wade as "Team Jacob" or simply a werewolf to his friends.
Kal as a robot powered by a harvested human brain.
Me as a black widow spider and Canyon as my off-spring baby spider.
(although he was a little sick so I let him off easy. Watch it Canyon, I'll let it slide just this once!)

--> REWIND to MY Birthday! that same day.
The kids thought I was twenty eight..I wonder where they got that idea, the little sweethearts.

What do you think? Am I better as a radiant red head? or a forever blond?

On my birthday I usually play the martyr when it comes to gifts for me.
I tell the kids that I just want their love, or world peace.
This time I said I wanted presents,
lots and
lots of
And my very own cake that I didn't have to make.

They did good. Maybe even a little too good, 
 hum...they must've realized that Christmas is right around the corner.
(Here I am trying to console the baby. He woke up and gave me a terrified look
...I'm sure it was the wig, - not that the fact that I am a year older, right?)

--> REWIND to the week before - We took a little trip with my brother's family to a place you might have heard of before ... ahem... Cornbelly's!
just kidding! - -  Disneyland!
More on the big trip to come. In the form of an epic blog post. Calm down now.. I know you are so excited.

--> REWIND to Brett's birthday!
Brett with his birthday fingers. The big one -five. 

Don't let the multitude of presents behind Brett fool you. The dollar store was kind to us this year. He is one lucky fellow.

Canyon, in desperate need of nourishment,
(his rolls have rolls) makes an assault on the cake.

--> REWIND to Lauren's Birthday!

And Welcome to Teenageville- population me.

Lauren has embraced being a teenager and all of it's emotional roller coaster glory. Who would've thought that my little girl who used to cry, and then stomp off to her room....would again....be doing just that. 

Wait Lauren...don't get mad. I'm only joking around, come back here!...sheesh.
Lauren is actually a perfect little sweetheart, some days I can hardly believe she's mine.

--> REWIND to my Mom's birthday.
Even though my mom was halfway across the world on her birthday,
 We celebrated anyway.
Hey mom, these are your grandkids. Recognize any of them?
We miss you...have some fu fu soup and fish pie on us!

--> REWIND to Wade's birthday
Here is Wade with his adoring little cousin Gracie.
Little does Wade know that he (the coolest, funniest boy Gracie knows)
 is about to be replaced by Gracie's little brother making his debut any day now.
Yes, you are reading about yet another birthday in a matter of just three weeks.
Family planning what?

--> REWIND to Canning Day...more like canning week.
If you are a canner, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that by the end of the week I honestly thought the tomatoes were multiplying and getting angry.

Canning was a family affair this year. Dean did the heavy lifting and was the bottle hottie (Dean's sister Merrie will get a kick out of that one), my little ones helped with the picking, Lauren and Brett did the cleaning up, and was I in charge of all the griping and pouting (my own.).

--> And there you have it.
Throw in a few football games, a cousin baptism,
a failed run for student council (I'm still not coping)
a yard sale, and the usual stuff that makes up my fabulous life.    

Hey, WE respect you Fall!
Go October! Take State! You are #1!



Randi said…
Hey, some of us aren't posh enough to hit Disney so Cornbelly's has to suffice. :)
Dan the Man said…
Happy Birthday all of you. We miss you guys and want to hang out over Christmas. I loved your halloween costumes. tell everyone hi.

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