I surrender! I surrender!
Thank goodness we finally get to flip over the calendar to June
It is so cliché to say that “May was such a busy month”
But hey, if there’s one thing I am its cliché.

Feel free to say to me..."You don't know what busy is sport!"
I realize that everyone is busy.

So just to recap...

Wade started baseball on a new league this year. Two practices a week since January and a double header every Saturday. Yikes! After one amazing game Wade was feeling a bit foxy cause he hit a homerun and was pitching like a pro.
However the fast ball to his personal parts made the entire crowd cringe and made me rethink my whole (finger quotes) "living vicaiously through my kids" arrangement.  

My mom, sisters and sister-in-laws had a baby shower for Canyon. 

Mostly we just sat around and ate and talked about childbirth and nursing and stretch marks.

My twelve year old niece Hallie was there and listenened intently.
No doubt she left that night with a few mental scars of her own.

Wade and Lauren both won their heats in the Hershey track meet.
The little kids and I were there in the stands cheering them on. 
Let me just assure you that Wade and Lauren did not fully appreciate how difficult it was be there in the rain...
...standing on a uneven metal bleacher jockeying for position with other parents; camera in hand, 
...holding a bundled up one week old baby
...telling my six year old to pick up the contents of my purse that my two year old had just spilled out under the feet of a bunch of hyper 5th graders
...while also handing my 4-year old the 
camcorder and directing him to film the race.                                                    

Shortly after all of that is when Lauren came up to me and said...

"Did you film my race?
Did you remember my sack lunch?
I sure wish Dad were here..."

And then there was
The annual Neves Spring branding day

Lots of blood

Lots of burnt hair

Lots of Rocky Mountain Oysters...
Then sadly;
on the way to Brett's choir concert...

Our car was wrecked!

totaled in fact- 

everyone was ok...
thank goodness.
boy was I wrong when I thought it would be fun to get a new (used) car..It's been a nightmare...

Here we are saying our tearful goodbye to the van. I told the kids that the van was crying because it was sad to leave us.

And as the oil ran down the trailer and pooled on our driveway it was almost like the van was crying.

I ran after the truck yelling
"curse you salvage guy!"

  This is me and my peeps at the Zoo with River's Kindergarten class.

On Mother's day all of our Neves family got together to take a family picture.   
uhh...Can we say "Photoshop please!..."

 Canyon celebrated turning two weeks old by getting a shot at the doctor's office.
Canyon celebrated turning one month old by laying on a blanket
while we talked about him encompassing all our hopes and dreams.
We had a month full of baby gifts, meals, well wishes, treats, babysitting offers, and visits; I couldn't have felt more pampered. 
My Mother-in-law is a mind reader and called to take the kids just as all my soft-spoken and patient attributes were disappearing. She also read my mind about the turkey dinner.
We attended many school and dance concerts. My niece has more coordination and raw dance skills than I ever have had.
A little of that would've come in handy at the victory dances back in high school.   

My parents had a long awaited missionary farewell where my Dad called out people over the pulpit to cut their hair and stop sleeping in church. Afterwards we had a luncheon where my brother Will organized the grandkid races while us adults took bets on how long before someone got a bloody nose.    

We had a farewell dinner for my parents.
       We even brought out the fancy china.
We done cleaned up good for a bunch of slack jawed yokels.


My Rivey Jane graduated from Kindergarten
- now on to a bigger bus and a better lunch.

The last day of school came. I followed Wade, Lauren and a few friends to school while they rode their bikes. It only took 15.3 minutes. They arrived at the school 45 minutes earlier. I'm sure the secretary was surprised. Lately she is used to my kids wandering in sometime after the morning announcements but before lunch recess. 
Brett was just way too cool to ride his bike to school this year.

And finally the day that I thought would never come. They day you are all probably sick of hearing about. The day my parents said goodbye to us little chicks and flew the from the nest.
They are on their way to Sierra Leone Africa to serve an LDS mission. 
                                                    And there you have it.                  Our month of May.
 I have to say it was quite nice being so busy and involved. And this is coming from someone who prides herself on being a recluse. I hope June is slow and easy. My visiting teacher who claims that in her day mothers with as many kids as I have would never be gone like I am.
So I'll try to stay home this month sister Nielson,
                                                                             and I'll be happy about it. 


Merrie said…
I love your blog. It makes me feel not so lonely. I can so feel your pain. Last Thursday night, Korey had to work and this was my schedule: Ride with whole family to town at 5--get dropped off at pool with Kale & Mia for swimming--send Madee to take Kat to her softball pictures--get the kids out of the pool, showered, hair combed and ready by 6. Run out to the parking lot and meet Madee and go to pre-school graduation in a costume of what Mia wants to be when she grows up. Not kidding. She was dressed like a chef and said "I want to be a witch when I grow up". Whatever. Meet Madee again and go to Kale's concert at the high school. Missed him playing his piece, but he is wandering on stage amidst the high schoolers between songs. Retrieve him from the stage and he tells me--"Mom I was looking at everyones instruments." Run to the softball field to catch Kat's last game. Say Hi to Korey for the last few innings. The end. There really should be a star on my forehead on nights like those. Shouldn't there?
Lindsay Family said…
I'm glad my May was not the only out of control one. I kept saying... "If I can just make it through May.." Now we have. YAY, I'm sure life will be much calmer now. lol

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