growing up too fast - Photo of the Week

DATE: October 2006
SUBJECT: River Jane (age 3), Salem Pond

Today in the car…driving home from Kindergarten,
River asked me if she still had time to grow her hair long before she got married.

Apparently this a concern in her little six year old brain.
Her hair is a cute little short bob now, my favorite little girl haircut.
I told her she wasn't getting married for long time.
She needed to graduate from High School first,
then go to college,
then go on a the world,
and then maybe if she finds a perfect guy...
maybe then she can get married.
I wonder when she will discover that I was married at nineteen
and had three kids by the time I was twenty five...?
shhh...Don't tell her just yet.


Randi said…
So darling!! I tell my boys all the time that they can't get married until the graduate from Harvard Med school...or even Law. But lucky for me, they think girls are yucky right now. Sort of hope that sticks for awhile. I have these high hopes for them, you see...
Dan the Man said…
Props to Riv for wearing the CHICAGO Bears jersey!

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